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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Travel Advisor the same as a Travel Agent? The main difference between a Travel Agent and a Travel Advisor is the level of service provided. Travel Agents primarily focus on booking arrangements for clients, while Advisors take an active role in helping them plan out every aspect of their trip. Both can provide great value when it comes to saving money through exclusive deals or discounts but Advisors offer more personalized advice, which helps our clients get the most out of their trip. Travel Advisors go beyond just booking arrangements for clients; they take an active role in helping them plan out every aspect of their trip. Advisors will help clients create an itinerary that suits their interests and budget while ensuring they get the most out of their trip. They will also provide tips on how to stay safe while traveling as well as advice on what activities are worth doing or which areas should be avoided.

How much does it cost to use a Travel Advisor? We do not charge fees for standard travel such as booking hotels, guided tours, and ground transportation. There is a planning fee of $250 per week of travel for personalized and custom itineraries that require research. This fee would include all aspects of your trip - trip research per your specific requests, hotel and tour bookings, restaurant reservations, domestic and international flight arrangements, and any other requested activities.

What special amenities and perks can you offer? Through our preferred travel partnerships, we can offer complimentary benefits that will enhance our client's hotel stays. These perks vary by property and can include the following: - Preferred rates, special promotions and exclusive offers - VIP status (hotel management notes your travel preferences and anticipates your arrival) - Complimentary daily breakfast - Complimentary room upgrades - Hotel dining and/or spa credits - Early check-in/late check-out

Do you book flights? We specialize in providing the best in-country travel experience and generally do not directly book our client's airfare. However, we are always happy to assist our clients by providing flight recommendations they can purchase themselves. We will handle all flight arrangements for our custom itineraries, where we charge a planning fee.

Do you book cruises? Yes! We have partnerships with every major cruise line as well as many smaller luxury and niche cruise lines, both for ocean and river cruising.

I only want to book a hotel for the perks, is that ok? Absolutely, we are always happy to book only a hotel reservation for you just so you can receive VIP perks. Perks are generally only offered by boutique or luxury properties but there could be promotions being run by hotels that may apply.

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